Flynn-Young Cemetery


About 3 miles NNW of Winchester, Illinois, there is a small cemetery overgrown with brush and weeds. There are only 4 marked graves within the old wire fence, containing the remains of Silas Flynn, his two sisters and his brother-in-law. In his will, Silas left 1/2 acre of his farm to be used as a family & neighborhood “Grave Yard,” but apparently just the following people were buried in it.
FLYNN, Silas Died 23 Apr 1857 32 Yr
Elizabeth Died 25 Sept 1898 70 Yr

YOUNG, Ed S. Died 27 Apr 1915 81 Yr 5 Mo 9 Da
Lucinda J. Died 10 July 1894 61 Yr 5 Mo 10 Da
Note: Although their graves were not located, Armstrong & Sarah Flynn, parents of the above, are probably buried in this cemetery.

Lucinda J.’s maiden name was Lucinda Jefferson Flynn.

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