Hart Cemetery


Sec. 29 T14 N R12 W 3PM

A lone grave stands in a corn field to the right of the hard road as you approach Winchester, Illinois from the east. A large tree and the grave are within a fence, this grave has a stone bearing the following inscription:

HART, Thomas Died 29 Oct 1852 53 Yr

Thomas Hart died intestate and from the records in the case for distribution of the property in the County Court House on Scott County on the thirteenth day of February 1928, I copied the following information:

Thomas Hart owned land which was located in Section 29, Township 14 North, Range 12 West. This was surveyed for Jeremiah Hart by William H. Chapman, Deputy Surveyor on Nov. 30, 1853. This land was divided in five acre tracts. Thomas Hart left at death the following heirs at law:

Mary Hart, his widow
Wm. Winslow Hart, Sarah Jane Hart, Ann Hart, Thomas Hart, Eliza Ellenn Hart
John Off – Lavinia Off was his daughter
Wm. Constable – Maria Constable was his daughter
Aaron Matthews – Elizabeth Matthews was his daughter

He died intestate. His grave is located in Lot No. 1, of the S.W.N.W. 29-14-12 containing five acres, Lot NO. 8 of the SWNW 29-14-12.

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