Kellogg Cemetery


Several tombstones protected by a fence formerly indicated the site of Kellogg Cemetery in Section 25 of Township 15 N Range 12 W. The location is in Scott County, barely outside the limits of Morgan County and only a very short distance northwest of Rocky Branch (Campbell) Cemetery which borders on the Scott-Morgan County line. The area of Kellogg Cemetery was once laid out as the village of Geneva but it failed to materialize. Several years ago the tombstone listed below was found in a branch in the timber on the Gordon farm. Persons interested in the very early Kelloggs of this area will find numerous references to the family. A reference that shouldn’t be overlooked is housed in the Jacksonville Public Library. It was authored by Frank J. Heinl and is Call Number JR 977346 J16 Copy 1. Starting on page 76 is a chapter entitled “The First Settlers In Morgan County. The Kelloggs and Charles Collins.”
List of known Burials

KELLOG, Elizabeth Died 15 May 1832 Age 40 Yr 2 Mo 3 Da
(Page 84 of the above-mentioned book tells of this woman’s death. She was the wife of Elisha Kellogg. On March 10, 1833 Elisha married a widow, Mrs. Mary Mills. Elisha Kellogg died on Aug. 24, 1842 in Pleasant Valley Township, Jo Daviess County, Illinois.)

Sarah Died 31 Aug 1831 Age 7 Yr 7 Mo 2 Da
(She was a daughter of Elisha and Elizabeth Kellogg. Her name is on the same tombstone with that of her mother.)

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